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Whether working on semi trucks, marine vessels, or ferraris, we have the solution to all of your diagnostic needs.

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TEXA Diesel Diagnostic Tools

TEXA offers the best diesel diagnostic tools which is why we carry their full line of diesel diagnostic products. It doesn’t matter if you are working on semi trucks, marine vessels, or ferraris, we have a diagnostic tool for you. We offer the BEST prices on diesel diagnostic tools. We can also customize the tools to fit your exact needs. Call us to get information on our special offers.

Texa Multi Hub

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Not seeing what you are looking for? Call us. We offer TEXA’s full product line. We have what you are looking for.

Texa Multi Hub

TXT MULTIHUB, an extremely versatile vehicle interface that easily adapts to maintenance activities making them quick and intuitive, in any situation.


The second generation of our award-winning diagnostic tablet is more powerful and faster than ever. This professional tool guarantees optimal performance and it has been engineered to work flawlessly…

TEXA radar and camera calibration solutions
Designed to guarantee safety and comfort while driving, the ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) are ever more common in latest generation vehicles…
Navigator NANO S

Navigator NANO S is the brand new vehicle interface engineered by TEXA that lets you run all kinds of diagnostics on passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, diesel pickups and high-end supercars….

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Looking for the perfect diesel diagnostic tool at the best price? We have access to the best pricing on diesel diagnostic tools. We can customize those tools to fit your exact needs. To find the perfect tools at the best prices call us. We will help you select the perfect products.

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We carry every diesel diagnostic tool and product that you could ever need. We carry TEXA’s full product line. If you don’t see what you are looking for on this page, we definitely still offer the product. Give us a call to get more information.