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We offer the best prices on TEXA diagnostic scanners. We can customize our scanners to fit the exact environments you work in. This gives you the best TEXA scanner, at the best price. Call us or fill out the form to get information on our current offers.

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We Are A TEXA Direct Dealer

At Kisst Diagnostics we only carry the BEST.. Because we only carry the BEST, that means we only carry TEXA scanners. We are a direct dealer with TEXA which gives us special access to customize scan tools to fit your exact needs. You don’t have to purchase crappy equipment online hoping that it will work for you. We will customize your TEXA scanner to fit the environments you work in. This will help us give you the best scan tool at the best price. P.s. We actually use the tools we sell you in the field. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you.

TEXA IDC5 Car Software

Special Offers

Looking for the perfect diesel diagnostic tool at the best prices? We have access to the best pricing on TEXA diesel diagnostic tools. We can customize these tools to fit your exact needs. Let us take the guesswork out of getting the right tools. Call us for the best prices.

TEXA IDC5 Bike Premium Software
TEXA IDC5 Car Software

Why Should You Buy A TEXA Scanner?

TEXA makes the best diesel diagnostic equipment hands down. If you want the best diagnostic scanner, you need a TEXA scanner. TEXA scanners are durable, have the best user experience, the best software, and the best technology. At Kisst Diagnostics we have worked on diagnostics for every type of equipment you can think of. We have used the other diagnostic scanners on the market, but none can compare to TEXA scanners. When you buy a TEXA scanner from us you aren’t just buying a scanner from an online company. You are buying a scanner that we personally use in the field.


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We want to help you get the best TEXA scanner for your needs at the best possible price. Call us or fill out the lead form so that we can get you access to the best pricing.