TEXA Car Diagnostic Tools

Looking for TEXA Car Diagnostic Tools? Not only do we carry every tool TEXA has for the automotive world, but we offer the best prices available. We are a TEXA direct dealer which means you get the best diagnostic products at the best prices. We can customize packages to fit your exact needs.

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TEXA Car Scan Tools

If you work on cars you need a great car diagnostic tool. If you are looking for the best car diagnostic scan tools on the market, you are looking for a TEXA. Here at Kisst Diagnostics we pride ourselves on only carrying the best diagnostic tools. We aren’t just saying that TEXA car diagnostic tools are the best. We actually use TEXA car scanners in the diagnostic tech service side of our business. When you buy from us, you are buying from a diagnostic tech that actually uses the product in the field.

Texa Car Scan Tools and Diagnostics
Texa Bike Premium Diagnotic Bundle

Bundle & Save

We sell every car diagnostic tool that TEXA carries. If you need a complete TEXA car diagnostic system the best way to get one is to purchase one of our bundles. Our bundles put several products together so that you can save money. We can customize a bundle to fit your exact needs.


What Do I Need To Get Started With Car Diagnostics?

If you are looking to get started working on car diagnostics you need a computer/tablet, software, VCI, and cables. When you have all of these working together you will have a complete car diagnostic system and will be able to effectively work on car diagnostics. If you already have a computer that can handle the software requirements you only need the software, cables, and a VCI. If you don’t have all of the tools you need for a complete bundle we can customize one for you. Contact us.

TEXA Car Tools You Need

Car Diagnostic Tools for all makes and models.

What Cars Can I Work On With TEXA Car Diagnostic Tools?

TEXA is one of the leading providers of car diagnostic tools in the United States. They work with all of the manufacturers so that you can work on virtually any car that exists. With our TEXA Car Diagnostic Packages you can work on all of the major and minor manufacturers. We even have a TEXA SuperCar upgrade so that you can work on SuperCars. For a full list of cars you can work on contact us.


What Do I Need To Work On Car Air Conditioners?

f your automotive shop works on car air conditioners then you need the Konfort 750R. The Konfort 750R is the most reliable and durable AC recovery and recharge machine on the market. The automated processes allow you to increase your automotive shop’s productivity and minimize your downtime. If you work on car air conditioners this is the AC machine you need. 

TEXA Konfort 750R close up
TEXA Advanced Calibration Kit

What Do I Need To Work On Car ADAS Systems?

Does your automotive shop work on ADAS systems? Do you need to work on radar and camera calibration? The TEXA ADAS Calibration Kit is the best ADAS system on the market. This product has industry leading state of the art technology that allows OEM equivalent calibrations to your vehicles ADAS systems. There are a lot of different ways that this kit can be customized to fit your shop’s exact needs. Contact us to get a customized package at the best price. 


What Car Diagnostics Tools Are The Best For My Shop?

When you are a diagnostic tech or run an automotive repair shop we understand that it can be difficult to find the right car diagnostic tools. We are here to help. There are a lot of different shops that work on a lot of different types of cars. It can be really difficult to make a recommendation for exactly what tools you need for your shop. We make TEXA Car Diagnostic packages to fit a wide range of needs. If you need help choosing the right package, we can customize one to fit your exact needs. Contact us to get a customized package.

Why Buy From Us?

Here at Kisst Diagnostics we aren’t like all of the other companies who sell diagnostic products. A lot of the large companies who sell diagnostic products sell terrible products at a huge mark up. Some of them sell the same products we sell, but they use refurbished computers that will die on you fast. We know what it is like to use those products and be left in the dust. When you buy from us you are buying from a diagnostic tech that actually uses the products in the field. After using most of the products on the market we have found TEXA to be the best. That is why we sell TEXA. We became a TEXA Direct Dealer so that we can get you the best deals. We want your shop to have the tools that are going to work the best and last the longest. If you need help choosing the right tools contact us. 

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We carry the best car diagnostic tools at the best prices. If you need more information on TEXA car diagnostic tools, prices, bundles, or special offers, contact us. We can customize a package to fit your exact needs!