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We offer the best prices on TEXA scan tools guaranteed. We can customize scan tools to fit the exact environments you work in. This gives you the best product, at the best price. Call us or fill out the form to get information on our current offers.

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TEXA Scan Tools

TEXA makes the best diesel diagnostic scan tools on the market. As a TEXA direct dealer we are able to customize those scan tools to fit any environment you work in. You don’t have to buy a cookie cutter scan tool with a sub par computer from a large online company that doesn’t care about you. We can customize your scan tool for your exact On/Off Highway, Agricultural, Construction, Automotive, or Marine environment. We use the same diagnostic tools we carry in the field when we are running diagnostics. Let us help you find the perfect TEXA scan tool.

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Looking for the perfect diesel diagnostic tool at the best prices? We have access to the best pricing on TEXA diesel diagnostic tools. We can customize these tools to fit your exact needs. Let us take the guesswork out of getting the right tools. Call us for the best prices.

TEXA off highway diagnostics
TEXA Off Highway Entry Level Diagnostic Bundle

What Makes TEXA Scan Tools The Best?

Most online companies that sell diesel diagnostic scan tools only care about the money they can make. They sell a cookie cutter package with upsells that you don’t need and other subpar equipment so that they can profit as much as possible. When they do offer you a “good deal” it is typically because they are selling you a refurbished computer that will burn out within a year. We’ve heard the horror stories from companies that have bought their equipment.

We exist so that you don’t have to go through that. When you buy diagnostic tools from us you are buying the same tools that we also use in the field. We only sell the BEST equipment. We customize that equipment to fit your exact needs so that you don’t have to overpay for features you don’t use. The TEXA products we carry are durable, feature the best software available, and the best technology available. The TEXA products we carry will help you diagnose mechanical issues faster.


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Let us help you find the right diesel diagnostic tools at the BEST prices. Our partnership with TEXA allows us to customize tools, bundles, and give you access to the best deals available. Call us today to get the BEST prices.