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Our TEXA car packages now offer Tesla coverage. Check out our selection to get started on Tesla car diagnostics.

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Tesla Car Diagnostic Tools

Are you looking for car diagnostic tools that will work on Tesla cars? Our car diagnostic bundles feature TEXA’s IDC5 Car Software. This software now features Tesla car coverage. It will allow you to run dealer level diagnostics on Tesla cars. We have a solution for all of your car diagnostic needs. 

Tesla Diagnostics
TEXAINFO Car Package - Car Diagnostic Detailed Support

Let Us Help You Select The Right Tesla Car Diagnostic Tools

At Kisst Diagnostics we don’t just sell diagnostic tools. We actually run a diesel diagnostic company and use the tools we sell in the field. We have experience in diagnostics on almost any machine you can think of. We can help you select the right set of tools to complete diagnostics on Teslas and any other vehicle you may work on. Contact us to get advice on selecting the best tools.


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We have the best prices on TEXA diagnostic tools. If you are looking for diagnostic tools for Tesla cars, you won’t find better tools and pricing than what we offer. We understand what diagnostic techs go through in the field. That is why we pride ourselves on offering the best tools and the best pricing. We want to help you run diagnostics faster than with the current tools you are using. We also want you to be able to rely on the diagnostic tools we sell. 


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Waiting to buy the right Tesla car diagnostic tools will cost you time and money. Whether you have diagnostic tools that currently don’t work, or if you don’t have diagnostic tools for Teslas, if you wait to buy the right Tesla diagnostic tools you will be less efficient and bring in less jobs. Having the right tools will allow you to expand your services, run diagnostics faster, and bring in more revenue. Let us help you keep your shop running efficiently. Call us to get the best deals on Tesla car diagnostic products.

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