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We carry TEXA diesel diagnostic products for both the On Highway & Off Highway environments. As a TEXA Direct Dealer we have access to the best prices and promotions on TEXA diesel products. If you need a diagnostic scan tool for diesel engines you need a TEXA. Read on to learn more!

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TEXA Diesel Tools

TEXA makes the best diesel diagnostic products. TEXA has diesel diagnostic products for both the On Highway and Off Highway environments. If it has a diesel engine in it, you can work on it with a TEXA tool. If your company works on a variety of machines we can customize a diesel scan tool to be able to diagnose issues on both On Highway and Off Highway. Call us for the best deals.

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We carry every diesel diagnostic tool that TEXA offers. If your shop works on different diesel engines we can customize a package that will fit your exact needs. When you bundle different tools and softwares together it can help us get you a better deal. Reach out to us to discuss any current promotions we may offer for bundling. 


What Do I Need To Get Started With Diesel Diagnostics?

If you are looking to get started working on diesel diagnostics you need a computer/tablet, software, VCI, and cables. When you have all of these working together you will have a complete diesel diagnostics system capable of working on diesel diagnostics. There are different softwares and cables that you will need depending on the diesel environment you are working in. You can bundle these softwares and cables so that you can work on both On Highway and Off Highway diesel machines. If you don’t have all of the diesel tools you need for a complete diesel diagnostic system we can customize one for you. Reach out to us to get a customized diesel diagnostic system. 

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What Diesel Equipment Can I Work On With TEXA Diesel Diagnostic Tools?

TEXA is one of the leading providers of diesel diagnostics tools in the United States. TEXA makes diesel diagnostic tools for the On Highway and Off Highway environments. The On Highway environment is specifically targeted towards semis, trucks, and other big rigs. You can work on all major manufacturers. The Off Highway environment is specifically targeted towards heavy machinery. If it has a diesel engine in it you can work on it with the Off Highway environment (excluding semis). For a full list of trucks, machines, and manufacturers you can work on with the different environments, reach out to us.

What Diesel Diagnostic Tools Are The Best For My Shop?

When you are a diagnostic tech or run a repair shop we understand it can be difficult to find the right diagnostic tools. We are here to help. Every shop has different needs based on the equipment they work on. If you work with semi trucks or other On Highway machines you will need a diagnostic solution for the On Highway environment. If you work on heavy machinery you will need an Off Highway diagnostic solution. If you work in both environments you need a solution that works on both. The best way to get the perfect recommendation for your shop is to call us. We can customize a solution to fit your exact needs. Contact us to get a customized solution.

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Why Buy Diesel Diagnostic Products From Us?

Here at Kisst Diagnostics we aren’t like all of the other companies who sell diesel diagnostic products. A lot of the large companies who sell diesel diagnostic products sell terrible products at a huge mark up. Some of them sell the same products we sell, but they use refurbished computers that will die on you fast. We know what it is like to use those products and be left in the dust. When you buy from us you are buying from a diesel diagnostic tech that actually uses the products in the field. After using most of the products on the market we have found TEXA to be the best. That is why we sell TEXA. We became a TEXA Direct Dealer so that we can get you the best deals. We want your shop to have the tools that are going to work the best and last the longest. If you need help choosing the right tools contact us.

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We carry the best diesel diagnostic tools at the best prices. If you need more information on TEXA diesel diagnostic tools, prices, bundles, or special offers, contact us. We can customize a package to fit your exact needs.